Betsy Hassett

First name: Betsy

Last name: Hassett

Birthday: 04/08/90

Place of birth: Auckland, New Zealand

Profession: Professional Footballer

Sport: Football (Ajax Amsterdam)

Active in your sport since: 4 years old, as soon as I could kick a ball.

Part of Team REDNIB since: March 2016

Career highlights: Made the quarter finals at the London Olympics 2012, played at the Fifa Women’s World Cup 2011 and 2015, played at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016

What does your sports mean to you: Football is where I can express myself fully and be in the moment. It has taught me success and failure and these experiences have created who I am today.

How did I get to be sponsored by REDNIB: I stumbled across REDNIB at an event in Bremen and I am a born and bred Kiwi!

Why I like REDNIB: I love the design and the idea of “follow the Kiwi”. I like the brands uniqueness and I feel a strong connection through coming from New Zealand.

I am proud to be part of REDNIB because: It reminds me of home and I love the simplicity and comfort of the clothing brand and the idea of representing a small but quality brand.